Camping in the Sahara

ride camels sahara desert erg chigaga morocco mhamid

It was almost dusk when we landed in Casablanca. By the time we were in a taxi heading into the city I could see the sun setting in the distance. The sun was enormous as it moved across the horizon and I hoped we would make it to the Hassan II Mosque in time for […]

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Sun protection – What’s important and why?

block island organics organic sunscreen natural mineral zinc

So, I am about out of sunscreen for myself and my kids and while I have my favorites, I thought it would be a good time to try out a few new ones. I consider myself a bit of a “sun protection expert” but once I started digging into the information out there….holy $hit – […]

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Watermelon: The summer super-fruit!

watermelon for nutrition and skin health

There are a few things I absolutely love about summer and one of them is that many of my favorite fruits are actually in season. Whether I am shopping at a local farmers market or my local grocery store, my favorite fruits and vegetables taste better because they are fresher and grown close by (usually). […]