Hawaii’s Ban on Chemical Sunscreens – Why It Is Great and Scary

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Last week, the state of Hawaii passed a bill prohibiting the sale of sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate, which are two chemicals that have been linked to coral reef bleaching and….well, death (of coral reefs).  The above picture (captured by Caleb Jones /AP) is of Hanauma Bay in Hawaii, where much of the inner coral […]

Moroccan Argan oil…hype or miracle product?

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What’s the deal with argan oil? A few years ago, thanks to someone, argan oil busted on to the beauty scene and now just about every brand has some form of argan oil blend that is better than any other brand. My first argan oil was probably a bottle from Josie Maran and then I […]

Collagen…and why we all need MORE of it


A few months ago my husband hurt his back doing some silly every day task like picking up a kid or something. Ignoring my suggestions of yoga and stretching, he went to work and chatted with all of his buddies, one of whom told him to start drinking collagen every day – in smoothies, in […]

Winter is Coming: Six tips to save your skin


Ack, winter is coming. I know it, you know it, and unless we fly south for the winter, there is no avoiding it. Though, I love many things about winter: skiing, warm fires, hot chocolate, snow – all of which can wreak havoc on our skin.

Sun protection – What’s important in sunscreen and why?

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So, I am about out of sunscreen for myself and my kids and while I have my favorites, I thought it would be a good time to try out a few new ones. I consider myself a bit of a “sun protection expert” but once I started digging into the information out there….holy $hit – […]

Watermelon: Why it is great for health and skincare!

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There are a few things I absolutely love about summer and one of them is that many of my favorite fruits are actually in season. Whether I am shopping at a local farmers market or my local grocery store, my favorite fruits and vegetables taste better because they are fresher and grown close by.  This […]

Six bizarre ingredients in skincare


A friend of mine returned from Korea recently.  Since she knows I am obsessed with everything skincare, she brought me back some K-beauty masks, being the good friend she is. One of them is formulated with snail mucus which, aside from making me gag a bit, got me thinking about other odd ingredients in skincare […]

Hawaiian Beauty Finds


It’s that time of year where I feel like everyone is going to Hawaii. My social media feeds are absolutely full of Hawaii pictures. Or is that just because I live in Northern California and Hawaii is SO easy to get to with tons of nonstop flights. I can get to Hawaii more easily than […]