Introducing Wanderglow

Joy. Inspiration. Find yourself.  That’s what my goal is with Wanderglow.  Yes, this is a destination focused on beauty and travel, but I also hope to inspire others to take charge of their goals while figuring out how they intersect with their interests.  For me, my interests involve…my kids & husband (obvious), anything skincare (sensible), adventure (exciting), and just being about to explore and be spontaneous (#lifegoals).

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking the time, whether it is 30 seconds or 30 minutes, to visit Wanderglow, which I like to call a destination inspired by beauty and travel.  Wanderglow is the culmination of my professional experiences, my travels, my skincare and makeup experiments and my life.  I’ve been travel-obsessed and skincare aware for a few decades and most recently, ran my own advice-based beauty company, called HiLovely.  Now I am turning that into real and practical ideas and a community, which includes YOU.

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