This has to be one of my FAVORITE questions.  I do my research and only use products I absolutely love…BUT I come across many other amazing ones along the way so occasionally switch things up a bit.

My skin is pretty fair and on the drier side.   I used to think it was combo/oily, which may be true but I also know the products I used to use were stripping my skin, causing it to produce more of its own oil.  Now that we have that under control, I can play around with other cool products, as long as my skin gets its dose of moisture.  Or maybe it is because I am getting older and anti-aging products actually apply to me now!

Trader Joes Tea Tree Oil Face Wash GoldfadenMD serum night cream Honua Aloha Youth tinted moisturizer BB cream Suntegrity Marie Veronique Herbivore Rose Hibiscus

I assembled all of them together for the nice product shot below and realized I am out of Osmia’s Rose Clay.  Technically I have it but it looks like a little red clay blob so won’t be that nice so I left it out of the photo and will update after I get a new one!

cleanser: SPA Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil by Trader Joe’s and Rose Clay Facial Soap by Osmia Organics (if your skin is more oily, try the Black Clay – it’s awesome too)

toner: Rose Hibiscus by Herbivore

serum: Aloha Youth Serum by Honua Skincare or Radical Difference by Goldfaden MD

moisture: Protective Day Oil by Marie Veronique

protect & color: 5 in 1 by Suntegrity and CC Cushion Compact by Amore Pacific

night: Wake Up Call by Goldfaden MD and sometimes I’ll add an oil before, especially down to my neck/décolleté

makeup. Something different. every. single. day.

other: Tons of water every day.